'It's normal that I beat Roger Federer on many occasions', says expert

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'It's normal that I beat Roger Federer on many occasions', says expert

Matteo Berrettini's season has suffered a sudden halt. Started in the best way with the semifinal reached at the Australian Open, 2022 has recently presented the usual physical problems to the Italian number 1. The latest in chronological order is dated March 25, four days ago, when Berrettini made official his retirement from the Masters 1000 in Miami.

While waiting to see him again on the pitch (presumably on the red clay of Monte Carlo), the blue can console himself with a figure that sees him excel on social media. According to what can be read on the Twitter profile of the "Tennis Stats & Info" page, in fact, Matteo Berrettini records the highest engagement rate (in English 'Engagement Rate') on Instagram.

The result of this particular index is obtained by comparing the total number of active interactions - from likes and shares to mentions and even direct messages - with the total number of followers. Immediately behind him is Daniil Medvedev with a 12.5% ​​Engagement Rate against 960,000 followers; on the third step of the podium is the legend Roger Federer with his 7.2% against 9.1 million followers; the fourth and fifth squares are occupied by Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas, who score an interaction rate of 4.8% and 4.9% respectively with their 1.6 million followers each.

Corretja praises Roger Federer

Alex Corretja recently gave his thoughts on the GOAT debate, asserting that Roger Federer should not be left out of the discussion simply because of his poor head-to-head record against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

"When people say Roger Federer has lost against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal more times and that's why he can't be the best in history, it's absurd to me," Corretja said. "Because of their [contrasting] style of play, Nadal is obviously going to do a lot of damage to him." Interestingly, Alex Corretja has a positive head-to-head record against both Roger Federer (3-2) and Rafael Nadal (2-0).

"It's normal that I beat [Roger Federer] on many occasions. And what does that mean? Nothing. [All it means is] that my game, on his day, did not go sit well with his style because he was very young and failed a lot with the backhand," Corretja said.

"On clay, it was enough for me to send him many high balls there. I caught [Rafael] Nadal very, very young too. He had no experience and I did. But all that is insignificant."