Ex-coach of Serena Williams drops major praise on Roger Federer

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Ex-coach of Serena Williams drops major praise on Roger Federer

Legendary tennis coach Rick Macci thinks there is no one more better as a role model than Roger Federer. Macci, one of the first coaches that worked with Serena and Venus Williams, recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, in which he opened about how he feels about Federer.

Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, is one of the greatest players in tennis history and he has been widely credited for elevating tennis to another level. Federer is considered by many as a class act and the best possible ambassador for the game.

“Let’s talk a little bit about this player right here,” Macci said while pointing towards the poster of Federer, per Sportskeeda. “In my opinion…the best player of all time as a role model”.

Macci on what makes Federer special

"You talk about speed, quickness, balance, agility, fluidity. But more importantly, temperament. He makes mistake, you can’t even tell anything has happened,” Macci added. "I am not talking so much the mechanical part, even though his forehand is beyond unbelievable.

His forehand biomechanically is unreal. But just look how he responds after each point. Just like nothing’s happened. One of the greatest player of all time, Fed”. If you have a kid who is dreaming of one day becoming a pro, show him clips of Federer's matches, says Macci.

"He’s been the leader in the clubhouse and to do it ever since a young age its unbelievable," Macci added. "You want your kid to get better, have him watch Federer”. Meanwhile, Federer is still recovering from a knee surgery he underwent last August.

Federer certainly won't be returning during the clay season and his comeback during the grass season is also unlikely. There is a chance we might see Federer during the North American swing. Federer has already signed up to play the Laver Cup, which takes place in late September.