'Roger Federer will not get past 20 Grand Slams but he stays GOAT of elegance'

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'Roger Federer will not get past 20 Grand Slams but he stays GOAT of elegance'

Arthur Fery acknowledged Roger Federer is a true legend of the game but added the Swiss will never again win another Grand Slam. Fery, currently ranked second in the first division of the US college tennis rankings, recently joined The Functional Tennis Podcast to discuss the GOAT debate.

Federer, 40, has had three knee surgeries over the last two years. After undergoing two knee surgeries in 2020, Federer made his return last year. After playing in just five tournaments, Federer announced a third knee surgery.

Even though Federer likely won't finish with the most Grand Slam, Fery says he will always be the GOAT of elegance. "Everyone will keep Roger Federer's name in their hearts forever [in the GOAT debate]. He was the most elegant player and the most effortless player to play the game," Fery said.

"I think, unfortunately, he won't get past the 20 Grand Slams he has now but he will stay the GOAT of elegance."

Federer planning to return in 2022

Federer is set to miss the whole clay season and it's highly unlikely we will see him during the grass season.

Federer could return to action somewhere around September as he has already signed up to play the Laver Cup. In his annual report, Federer indicated he plans to return this year. "After many month of battling injury, my return to the tour in March, after my first operation, highlighted and energized me to continue my tennis career.

I'm grateful for every minute I was able to spend with my fans and tennis family on court. My experience in Doha illustrated to me that my journey as an elite athlete isn't over yet. The progress I make every day strengthens my belief that I will be healthy and strong enough to return to the tennis court at the highest level," Federer wrote in his annual report.