'Roger Federer won't get past the 20 Slams he has now', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer won't get past the 20 Slams he has now', says ATP ace

The year 2022 for Jannik Sinner has certainly been a great year. The young talent from South Tyrol has a very good win-loss ratio, but there is a problem that the Italian has had in recent weeks. In both the Indian Wells tournament and the Miami Masters 1000, the Italian player withdrew from the tournament, respectively in the round of 16 and in the quarter-finals, thus wasting important opportunities in the tournament.

During the Miami Masters 1000, Sinner offered excellent tennis before retiring a few games after the quarterfinal against Argentine Francisco Cerúndolo. Sinner explained the situation on social media: "It was not easy to retire in Miami.

It's been a bit of a difficult month with my illness in Indian Wells and now this injury. I have taken the last few days to rest and advise myself for the future. I hope to be ready for Monte Carlo." In the last minutes the Italian tennis player, who has dropped to twelfth position in the ranking, left an important message for his future and reassuring about his condition.

The young talent from South Tyrol made a post in which he is shown training on clay and looks ready to hit the court. This is great news for Jannik and the Italian is ready for the Monte Carlo Masters 1000. We all miss the Swiss maestro in action, don’t we? Such has been the stature of Roger Federer, who has graced the sport for around 25 years now.

His attacking game and audacious shot-making are like none other. Additionally, his single-handed backhands are a treat to watch.

Fery speaks about Roger Federer

Arthur Fery, currently ranked No. 2 in the first division of the US college tennis rankings, reckons it is Novak Djokovic who will end up with the most Grand Slams to his name.

"In terms of Grand Slam titles, it is going to be a good battle between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. I think Novak will overtake Rafa because he has more years in front of him and hopefully, COVID doesn't stop him," Fery said.

"If COVID doesn't become a problem in the future, Novak could easily get to 25." In the GOAT debate, however, Arthur Fery said he was leaning towards Roger Federer. Hailing the Swiss maestro as the "most elegant and effortless" player the sport has ever seen, Fery asserted that he will always be the "GOAT of elegance." "Everyone will keep Roger Federer's name in their hearts forever [in the GOAT debate].

He was the most elegant player and the most effortless player to play the game," Fery said. "I think, unfortunately, he won't get past the 20 Grand Slams he has now but he will stay the GOAT of elegance."