'Roger Federer is artist, harder to win by playing like Federer than Rafael Nadal'

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'Roger Federer is artist, harder to win by playing like Federer than Rafael Nadal'

Snooker superstar Ronnie O'Sullivan compared himself to Roger Federer as he said that playing the way they do might be making it harder for them to succeed. O'Sullivan, a six-time World Champion in snooker, has always been known for his aggressive and attractive game style.

Some think O'Sullivan could have achieved more had he implemented a more tactical and conventional game style but throughout his career the 46-year-old has stayed true to himself and played the game on the way he feels most comfortable.

In tennis, Federer is a 20-time Grand Slam champion and labeled as the most elegant player in tennis history. Rafael Nadal has 21 Grand Slams, Novak Djokovic 20 and their defensive abilities have played a big role in them achieving such a great success.

Federer has never been about defense, long points and grinding out wins in long matches - unlike Nadal and Djokovic, who thrive when it gets tight.

O'Sullivan: Harder to win by playing like Federer than Nadal

"I have played a brand of snooker that is very difficult to play as an individual sportsman," O'Sullivan told Eurosport in an interview ahead of the World Championship.

"Jimmy White played that brand and maybe it cost him winning the World Championship. I was able to stay true to that style of snooker and still win it six times. It is not easy. "For someone like Lionel Messi, playing in a football team, I suppose he is just told to do what he is good at and they have other people covering for him where maybe he doesn't want to run around and chase the ball.

"A little bit like Federer in tennis. Who is the greatest of all time? Statistically, you would say Nadal, but the way he did it, a lot of people would say Federer is the greatest of all time. So it depends on how you want to judge it, I suppose.

"It is a lot harder to win tournaments playing Federer's style than Nadal. Nadal will break you down. Djokovic will break you down. They are like machines, but Federer is a bit of an artist. "So playing that style in an individual sport is going to leave you open to being picked off or maybe worn down in many situations."