'Roger Federer is more grounded and humble when...', says expert

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'Roger Federer is more grounded and humble when...', says expert

An immeasurable desire to leave behind all the physical problems of recent years and treat yourself to a last period in top form to play tennis continuously, also trying to take away some satisfactions. Roger Federer continues with the goal he has set for months: recovering from the new knee operation performed, returning to condition and facing without particular thoughts the last phase of his career as a professional tennis player, which he would never want to put an end to.

Some news have emerged in the past few hours and have been disseminated by the athlete himself, through his own social channels: the Swiss showed some images while he trains in the gym, making all fans go crazy and at the same time hope well.

The message puts on the table many hypotheses: will the Basel native be able to 'accelerate' to return for the 2022 edition of Wimbledon or will he be even more prudent and lengthen the times just right? The question marks on the situation of the former number one in the world remain many and only the passage of time will be able to dissolve the current doubts.

In the month of September in all likelihood, at the moment also officially, King Roger will be the protagonist at the O2 Arena in London for the Laver Cup, which this time will see him at the starting line. The big blow is the simultaneous participation of the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal: the two will return to play together, physical of both (at this point) permitting.

Clarey reflects on King Roger

Roger Federer is one of the greatest players of all time. He is revered for his exploits on the court and the way he has conducted himself off the court. "I don't presume to know how he developed personally.

I'm not his friend, not a family member. An interview is an interview. Here he is very pleasant, very open. He hasn't changed at all in certain areas - even if he has become a billionaire in the meantime (laughs). He always asks questions.

My first conversation in 2001 was less of an interview and more of a conversation. And in 2019, the last time I spoke to him, it was the same," Clarey said. "What has changed is of course his knowledge, in general, but also about tennis history.

His sense of humor is also often underestimated, he always cracks a joke and likes to laugh. In conversation, he doesn't come across as elegant as in advertising, more like a normal person. He's a warm guy," he added.