'Even if Roger Federer had posted a picture of...', says former ace

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'Even if Roger Federer had posted a picture of...', says former ace

The march towards the return to the field for Roger Federer continues and in a rather rapid manner. The multiple Swiss champion - who hasn't played an official match since last year's quarter-finals at Wimbledon - is thrilled to take the racket back in his hands and return to giving magic to his fans and, in recent days, is also stepping up the publication of content on social media that portray him during training.

"The Swiss Maestro", as he is nicknamed, has always clearly said that he wants to say goodbye to his conditions and, possibly, "on a tennis court" After months and months away from the spotlight, at the beginning of February Federer surprised everyone with the announcement of his participation in the next Laver Cup, scheduled from 23 to 25 September at the O2 Arena in London.

Following his updates via social media, however, the feeling is that the 20-time Grand Slam champion can return to the circuit early (Wimbledon would be the greatest suggestion). In light of this, Andy Roddick, speaking to the Tennis Channel, also said he was particularly confident about a return for Roger Federer in the short term.

“We will see him again on the pitch. He wouldn't have released something like that if he wasn't confident in his recovery, ”said the former US champion. The immoderate passion that Roger Federer has for tennis is as if he made him one with the sport that has given him so much satisfaction over the years.

It is such a deep love, that of the Basel champion, that despite his aging and repeated physical problems, his desire to return to competing at the highest level has not yet been exhausted. Indeed, Federer still has a strong optimism about his return, always based on the conviction that he wants to retire when he wants it and not for external causes.

“After many months of fighting my injuries, my return to the circuit in March 2021 motivated me to continue playing tennis” - wrote the Swiss in a letter published last month.

Rosset played Federer on four occasions

Tennis superstar Roger Federer has been making waves recently despite not stepping on the court since Wimbledon last year as he recovers from knee surgery.

Former French Open champion Marc Rosset spoke about Roger Federer in a recent interview and how he would like to see his Swiss compatriot on tour again for at least one more full season. "I would really like to be able to see him do a full season in 2023," slips the Genevan.

"That would be great, but I know the process is long, very long. After, you know, what matters to me personally is Roger's happiness. So even if he had posted a picture of himself sledding with his kids and a big smile, I would also have the banana."