'I don't think that's what Roger Federer wants', says top analyst

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'I don't think that's what Roger Federer wants', says top analyst

20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer has announced that his signature shoe "Roger Pro" is now available for purchase by general consumers. On the eve of his long-awaited return in 2021, Federer was spotted training in a yet-unreleased pair of sneakers.

Not seeing Federer in his favorite Nike shoes was a bit strange and it was later revealed that the shoes were designed in a collaboration with Swiss running brand On. Federer debuted the Roger Pro in Doha and wore them at each of the five tournaments he contested last year.

Last year the Roger Pro went on sale in limited quantities, but now they are available to the general public. Federer, a former World No. 1, said he and On "spent a lot of time perfecting them." "Very excited to hit the market in larger numbers with the Roger Pro.

We've spent a lot of time perfecting it," Federer tweeted. Earlier this week, Federer posted a photo from a gym workout. The Swiss, who underwent knee surgery last August, captioned the photo of him in the gym: "Rehab is great."

Federer, an eight-time Wimbledon champion, publishes his annual report every year. In his annual report for 2021, Federer confirmed that his journey as a professional tennis player is not over. "After many months of battling injuries, my return to the tour in March, after my first operation, highlighted me and energized me to continue my tennis career.

I am grateful for every minute I have been able to spend with my fans and my tennis family on the court. My experience in Doha showed me that my path as an elite athlete is not over yet."

Federer is working hard

Roger Federer's future in the sport has been a topic of conversation for a long time now as the Swiss superstar continues to be sidelined with injuries.

"Roger is an optimist, has positive energy, young children. He certainly has two goals: first, get his knee fixed so that he can later have a normal life with his children. That's a big motivator," Clarey said. "And secondly… well, people have been asking Roger since 2009 when he won the French Open when he was going to retire.

He's immune to it. His role models are people like Laver, Rosewall or Agassi. I don't think he likes coming back just for the Laver Cup. Maybe it will, but I don't think that's what he wants," he said. "At the end of the day, he's someone who enjoys playing tennis, who enjoys feeling the ball on the racquet. And he loves competition."