'We are happy if Roger Federer still does', says ATP legend

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'We are happy if Roger Federer still does', says ATP legend

2013 French Open finalist David Ferrer says seeing Roger Federer win a Grand Slam will be extremely difficult, but adds that he is not ruling out the possibility of seeing the Swiss win a Major again. Federer, 40, underwent two knee operations in 2020.

Last year, Federer made his comeback and played just five tournaments before undergoing a third knee operation last August. Federer, who turns 41 in August, has not played since Wimbledon last year. "I'm not saying that Roger can't be close to winning a Grand Slam, but he hasn't competed for two years, he won't be seeded and he will have to play with high-level players and that wears him down physically," Ferrer told La Vanguardia.

according to Sportskeeda. Last week, Federer gave a positive update on his recovery by posting a gym training photo and captioning it: "Rehab going from strength to strength." Andy Roddick, the former world No. 1 who faced Federer in the Wimbledon finals, said he is confident the Swiss will return this year.

Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, publishes an annual report every year. In his most recent annual report, Federer said that his journey as an elite athlete is not over yet. "After many months of battling injuries, my return to the tour in March, after my first operation, has given me energy to continue my tennis career.

I am grateful for every minute I was able to spend with my fans and my tennis family on the court. My experience in Doha showed me that my path as an elite athlete is not over yet. The progress I make every day reinforces my conviction that I will be healthy and strong enough to return to the tennis court at the highest level."

Becker opens up on King Roger

Six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker believes Roger Federer has earned the right to choose exactly when he should return to the tour. Becker reckons the Swiss has worked hard to achieve his elite status.

"With Roger, I abstain from my opinion," Becker said. "As long as he thinks he wants to play, then let him. We are happy if he still does." Becker believes the 40-year-old should be allowed total freedom to plan his comeback.

"He has every right in the world to decide when he plays again. He's earned it, worked for it, and in this respect: as long as he still calls himself a tennis player, we have to recognise him as such," Becker added.