Blaz Kavcic recalls beating Roger Federer in practice, Swiss wanting revenge

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Blaz Kavcic recalls beating Roger Federer in practice, Swiss wanting revenge

Former Slovenian tennis player Blaz Kavcic once got a chance to try himself against Roger Federer in practice and the Slovenian made the Swiss play one set more than he intended. Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, would always go to Dubai in the offseason to prepare for Australia.

After the 2013 season ended, Kavcic and Federer met in Dubai and the Swiss asked the Slovenian to play a practice set - but just one set. To no one's surprise, Kavcic accepted Federer' invitation. Kavcic, a former world No.

68, won the practice set against Federer and the Swiss changed his mind and wanted to play one more practice set. "I’ve met with Roger in Dubai as preparation for the 2014 Australian Open. He comes to me and says: '15 minutes hitting, then we play, but just one set'

I beat him 7:5, of course he wants revenge and routines me 6:3 in second," Kavcic said, per Marko Hrastar.

Kavcic on his biggest regret

Kavcic made a promising start to his 2014 US Open campaign, winning his first two matches in straight sets to set up a third round meeting versus Stan Wawrinka.

Kavcic was playing great and feeling confident he could upset Wawrinka but then suffered a setback. "Biggest regret is USO'14. Outlasted Young, Chardy, finally have a gut feeling I can fry a big fish now! Wawrinka next,he was struggling with Belucci, broke racquet.

I go for a dinner with my team & feel sharp pain in my foot. Turns out it was broken bone," Kavcic said. Kavcic, who reached a career-high ranking of No. 68 in 2012, said no one really believed he could be a top-100 player.

"Rumours at that time were Slovenian tennis player will never break into TOP 100 ATP. When I came to Kranj, there was a bunch of guys, who were toying with me on court, nobody believed I will ever make it. They made me better, coaches there made me better," Kavcic added.

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