Blaz Kavcic reveals absolutely funny Roger Federer moment from practice

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Blaz Kavcic reveals absolutely funny Roger Federer moment from practice

Former Slovenian tennis player Blaz Kavcic recalled a funny moment from a practice session with Roger Federer as Federer immediately recognized's Kavcic's coach Blaz Trupej. There was a funny story between Federer and Trupej as the two met in 1999 and Federer wanted the match to be suspended due to darkness.

However, Trupej wasn't interested because he had to "teach tennis in the morning." In the 2013 offseason, Federer and Kavcic met in Dubai. When Federer saw Kavcic's coach Trupej, he absolutely lost it. "When Roger came to the court, he lost it, he saw my coach Trupej: 'I remember you haha!' They faced each other in Domzale ATP 1999, Fedex then wanted to resume next day due to darkness, but Trupej said he can't: 'I teach tennis in the morning...'

Hilarious!" Kavcic said, per Marko Hrastar.

Kavcic on the importance of having a strong support

Coming from a country like Slovenia - which is not really known as a tennis country - made it extremely tough for Kavcic to break through.

"Imagine F1 without car mechanics! All the best players have a physio, they are driving laps, go to box, team fix them, check oil, change tires. Me?I was speeding like crazy, went back to garage, next morning I was racing again with the same old car," Kavcic said.

"I beat Felix in 2016, we hit the gym after. I am all alone, he has 3 guys around, physio stretching, coach telling him, what went wrong, the other guy on the phone: 'We need this, we need that, bye,' hangs up. It’s so easy with federation support!" Some of the names Kavcic beat are now stars on the tour.

"I got the best of Davidovich, Hurkacz, Kecmanović. Miomir breaks down, he was literally crying on my shoulder, I told him: 'Bro, for fu** sake ... just keep on, you got the quality, you will come a long way, just don’t give up.' Look at him now, huh?" Kavcic added.

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