Blaz Kavcic details treatment icon Roger Federer would get in Dubai during offseason


Blaz Kavcic details treatment icon Roger Federer would get in Dubai during offseason

Former Slovenian tennis player Blaz Kavcic called Roger Federer "an icon" and described how far the Meydan resort went when Roger Federer was preparing in Dubai for the Australian Open. In the offseason, Federer used to go to Dubai, where he would start his preparation for the Australian Open.

The Meydan resort, the place where Federer used to train in the offseason, were devoted to giving Federer the best possible training conditions. "In Dubai (Meydan resort), they make the exact same surface for training as it is at Melbourne Park, just for him.

They even asked his team what temperature and humidity they set in Hisense Arena when we played that year. He’s an icon everywhere he goes," Kavcic said, per Marko Hrastar.

Federer hasn't played at the Australian Open since 2020

After easily losing to Novak Djokovic in the 2020 Australian Open semifinal, Federer underwent a knee surgery.

A few months later, Federer underwent a second knee surgery. Federer returned last year but played just five tournaments before he underwent a third knee surgery. In his annual report for 2021, Federer indicated he plans to play this season.

"After many month of battling injury, my return to the tour in March, after my first operation, highlighted and energized me to continue my tennis career. I'm grateful for every minute I was able to spend with my fans and tennis family on court.

My experience in Doha illustrated to me that my journey as an elite athlete isn't over yet. The progress I make every day strengthens my belief that I will be healthy and strong enough to return to the tennis court at the highest level," Federer wrote in his annual report.

Federer is set to miss the whole clay season and his team confirmed his participation at Wimbledon is unlikely. Federer has signed up to play the Laver Cup, which takes place in late September.

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