Shelby Rogers: Can I be trapped in elevator with Roger Federer?

Rogers would like to have a chance to chat with Federer.

by Dzevad Mesic
Shelby Rogers: Can I be trapped in elevator with Roger Federer?

American tennis star Shelby Rogers appeared on Tennis Channe's Warm and Fuzzy show and there she named Roger Federer as the player she would choose to be stuck in an elevator with. Rogers, ranked at No. 48 in the world, thinks extremely highly of Federer and that's why she would absolutely love to have a chance to chat with the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

"Can I be trapped in an elevator with Roger Federer?" Rogers asked on Tennis Channel's Warm and Fuzzy show. "It would be cool to learn from him I think. Someone interesting that has had a long career. That's who I want to be stuck in an elevator with."

Rogers loves reading and bubble baths

When Rogers has some free time, she loves to spend it by reading and taking bubble baths.

"I love reading. Bath times are always nice - a nice bubble bath. A little meditation sometimes. Yeah, it's really important actually. Something that helps you when you're on the court and there are a million things going on. But, something also to help you stay present," Rogers said.

One of the questions Rogers was asked was who she would pick to be abducted by a UFO. Rogers named his coach and explained it by saying her coach would be quite interesting to aliens. "Why do I want to say you right now?" Rogers said.

"I think actually my coach would be quite funny. He is from London and I think the commentary would be very funny - if they return him, because I need him." Rogers is a veteran on the Tour as she will be turning 30 later this year.

When asked about her daily routine, Rogers named a good breakfast as one of the most important things. "Today, practice is priority so we did that at 10 a.m. Well, I had breakfast and all that good stuff first, sorry. I did not mean to skip over the important part. Good breakfast starts the day right," Rogers said.

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