'He neutralizes Roger Federer's serve like nobody else', says expert

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'He neutralizes Roger Federer's serve like nobody else', says expert
'He neutralizes Roger Federer's serve like nobody else', says expert (Provided by Tennis World USA)

The requirements were all there - the public of the great occasions, the stage of the Foro Italico, the sun - to write another splendid page of blue tennis. But the gods of Olympus did not want…. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans that packed the Centrale was not enough: Jannik Sinner walked off the stage in the quarterfinals of the Internazionali BNL d'Italia (ATP Masters 1000 season five - prize purse €5,415,410) on the red clay of the Italian Forum.

In the second match of the program, the 20-year-old from Sesto Pusteria, n.13 in the ranking and 10th in the seed, lost by 76 (5) 62, after almost two and a half hours of battle, against the Greek. Stefanos Tsitsipas, n.5 in the ranking and fourth favorite in the tournament.

The 23-year-old Athenian was 3-1 ahead on the previous record with the South Tyrolean. On the Capitoline ground, however, the situation was even: in the second round of 2019 the Greek had won in two sets, in the second round of 2020 the Italian won in three sets.

Stefanos immediately took the break in the second game thanks to a wild right hand from Jannik (2-0). In the next one, the Greek with a double fault conceded a ball for the counter-break but the right hand of the Blues came to nothing.

Interestingly, Alex Corretja has a positive head-to-head record against both Roger Federer (3-2) and Rafael Nadal (2-0).

Corretja talks about Federer

Alex Corretja recently gave his thoughts on the GOAT debate, asserting that Roger Federer should not be left out of the discussion simply because of his poor head-to-head record against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

"When people say Roger Federer has lost against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal more times and that's why he can't be the best in history, it's absurd to me," Corretja said. "Because of their [contrasting] style of play, Nadal is obviously going to do a lot of damage to him.

The only tactical mole that hurts him is the backhand high ball and the best shot in history is Rafa's high cross forehand to the opponent's backhand," Corretja said. "The best of one is combined with the only weak point of the other." Alex Corretja proclaimed that head-to-head records only served to showcase the advantages of one particular playstyle over another.

"And the fact that Djokovic beat him is also normal - because he neutralizes his serve like nobody else, because he plays very long, because he doesn't let him take his forehand as he likes," Corretja said. "It's normal that he beat him many times. What I mean is that they are styles of play, nothing more."

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