Carillo: Alcaraz grew up idolizing Federer but his temperament reminds of Nadal

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Carillo: Alcaraz grew up idolizing Federer but his temperament reminds of Nadal

Former Grand Slam champion Mary Carillo thinks Carlos Alcaraz resembles more Rafael Nadal than Roger Federer with his temperament as she definitely sees the similarities between Alcaraz and Nadal. Alcaraz, who just turned less than two weeks ago, is often compared to Nadal and it is certainly for a reason.

Just like Nadal, Alcaraz won his first Masters title and broke into the top-10 when he was 18. Also, Alcaraz is already becoming known as a big fighter and someone who gives his absolute best every time he steps onto the court.

“We’ve talked so long about the Big 3, but the last couple of years, it’s been the Big 1,’’ Carillo told The New York Post. “And we’ve been talking about the ‘Next Gen’ for so long.

“[Alcaraz] said he grew up idolizing Federer but he reminds in temperament much more of Rafa, playing every point for what it’s worth,’’ Carillo added. “Down love-40 serving, he still thinks he should win that game.

He’s that guy. He plays with the joy of an 8-year-old who wants to show you he can do 100 pushups.’’

Carillo: Alcaraz can win a Grand Slam this year

After winning Masters titles in Miami and Rome, Alcaraz has set his eyes on winning his first Grand Slam at the upcoming French Open.

During her interview with The New York Post, Carillo was asked if Alcaraz could win a Grand Slam at the age of 19. “Why not?,’’ Carillo responded. “He lacks best-of-five experience in majors but not a helluva lot else he’s without.

It would be a thrill.’’ When Spanish players get asked about Alcaraz, all of them use one word - humble. “Nadal has talked about how good [Alcaraz] is and humble he is,’’ Carillo added. “His uncle Toni told Rafa early on to stay hungry, stay humble. This kid personifies that”.