Roger Federer: 'I have been able to taste the most unbelievable...'

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Roger Federer: 'I have been able to taste the most unbelievable...'

Roger Federer has been training for weeks to prepare for his return to the courts, currently scheduled for the Laver Cup in September and later for the ATP 500 in Basel, his home tournament. The Swiss gave an interview to Caminada Magazin in which he basically explained how he feels at this moment in his life and his hope to return to the circuit as soon as possible.

"I don't post many photos of exhausting workouts because I've always seen them as a routine, everyone trains hard" - says the 20-time slam winner - "One day I swore to myself that at the end of my career I wouldn't be completely destroyed.

Later I would like to go skiing with the children, play soccer with my teammates, that's why I'm doing rehabilitation now, it's not just for tennis. I want to have a life after my career. I cannot think in such a long term, at the moment I am waiting for the approval of the doctors, I am ready to give my best again.

I feel like a racehorse looking for his place again, I'm ready to race. I hope to play again this summer, I miss coming home at night after a hard day of training." About Rafael Nadal. "It's incredibly inspiring that someone recovers from so many health problems.

Rafa and I talk on the phone from time to time, we talk a lot. I knew he wasn't having a great time, but he got through it anyway, so I was really happy for him." The effort he made is immense, nowadays just preparing for a match takes many hours “In his body at almost 41 years”.

It's like a car, you have to turn a thousand screws until the engine works well.

Roger Federer is a true legend

Roger Federer recently revealed his favorite wine and food during an extensive interview with Caminada. "Well, that was probably in 2005, after my win against Andre Agassi at the US Open," the Swiss said.

"We were in the exit, they said the bar was closing, so we ordered a few last shots, after which I was nauseous for days. But actually, I never lose control, and drinking and driving isn't an option." The conversation then veered towards Federer's food choices.

While divulging some of his preferred food choices, he named three traditional Swiss meals - raclette, fondue, and rosti. "I have traveled so much and have been able to taste the most unbelievable specialties on all continents, but in the end I always come back to the simple things – very Swiss – I love fondue, raclette and rösti more than anything," he said.