Aljaz Bedene: Roger Federer plays most beautiful tennis but Novak Djokovic is GOAT

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Aljaz Bedene: Roger Federer plays most beautiful tennis but Novak Djokovic is GOAT

Former world No. 43 Aljaz Bedene revealed to Sport Klub that he is playing his final season on the ATP Tour and that he plans to become a football agent. "This is my 'The Last Dance,' my last season. I hope that the result will be one of the better ones, although I will not play many tournaments.

I don't train as much as before because I'm in other jobs as well, but I enjoy tennis and I feel the ball well. It's a great feeling for me now," Bedene told Sport Klub. Bedene, who was beaten by Novak Djokovic in the French Open third round, stated that the 20-time Grand Slam champion is a "beast" on the court.

"Novak is Novak and still a beast on the court," Bedene said.

Bedene: Roger Federer plays the most beautiful tennis but Djokovic the GOAT

Rafael Nadal owns a record 21 Grand Slams, while Djokovic and Federer are tied at the second place with 20 Majors.

"I think there are only two of them in the race now. OK, Federer plays the most beautiful tennis, that's for sure, but I believe that Nole will be the player with the most Grand Slams and Masters. In the end, he will be the one - GOAT," Bedene said.

Bedene likely won't wait for the end of the season to retire as there is a good chance he retires in September. "I already know what I will do, I love tennis and football. I am working on some projects, we will see how it will end.

After the US Open or after the Davis Cup with Estonia, that's it for me. I would like to have something ready right away, to get up in the morning and look forward to it. I know a lot of athletes who ended their careers, so they didn't know what to do with themselves, then they didn't manage… I would like not to be that one, that's why I'm already doing some other things that interest me. I hope that everything will be fine in the end," Bedene concluded.