Teichmann: "Roger Federer can't play forever"

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Teichmann: "Roger Federer can't play forever"

Jil Teichmann expressed the desire to admire Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka again at the highest levels, during a press conference during the Roland Garros 2022 Jil explained: "Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka belong to a different generation from mine, their careers are coming to an end.

They cannot be expected to play forever. I hope to see them at a high level for the last time, as they have done so much for Swiss tennis and for the Tour in general." In the course of a long interview with RTBF, Christopher Clarey, a well-known correspondent for the New York Times, expressed his opinion on the return of the Swiss Maestro: "After all the efforts he has made, I believe he wants to play again in 2023 and return in Wimbledon for the last time.

His glory days are over in my opinion, but he can still play some great games if he gets back in shape. In purely statistical terms, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have now surpassed him. If we turn our attention to Federer's image and everything he has brought to this sport, then the situation changes.

Nobody comes close to Roger in these special rankings."

Roger Federer's come back

For the moment, his presence at the Laver Cup and the ATP in Basel has been confirmed. The hope of the fans is that these two appointments will be a springboard to see him more in 2023.

Roger Federer has been away from the pitch for almost a year and is likely to miss the 2022 edition of Wimbledon. The Swiss champion has experienced a real ordeal on a sporting level in the last two years, thanks to a serious right knee injury that prevented him from playing as and as much as he would have liked.

The former world number 1 took the field only 13 times in 2021, giving the feeling of being very far from the best condition. A few weeks after the Championships, the King announced that he had suffered a knee relapse and had to operate for the third time in 18 months.