Roger Federer: 'It's clear to others from the start that I have to...'

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Roger Federer: 'It's clear to others from the start that I have to...'

Despite the foot problem and the numerous infiltrations that have characterized his last few weeks, Rafael Nadal managed to win Roland Garros for the fourteenth time in his career. An unattainable record that took the Spaniard to 22 Majors after a fairly complicated period.

Nadal has achieved an important advantage over Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, both stuck in the top 20, in the fight for the Slams record and will do everything possible to continue fighting and winning the biggest events on the major circuit.

The Spaniard shares a wonderful friendship with Federer and, in an interview with Sky Sports, he revealed that he had heard from the Swiss at the end of their tournament in Paris. "Roger and I are in the players' council and we talked before my match with Novak.

Yesterday, after the match (referring to the victory over Casper Ruud in the final, ed.), he sent me a text message to congratulate me. We have a very good relationship and a special feeling" said Nadal. The Spaniard also spoke of his love for Italy.

"I have played many times in Italy, in the end there are many similarities with Spain, the language is similar, it is a country that is a friend of Spain , when I'm in Italy I always feel at home and I play with great pleasure at the Foro Italico in Rome, which is undoubtedly one of the most important tournaments of my career.

I think Italy has done and is doing a very good job and we are seeing positive results with Jannik, with Matteo, with Sonego and now with Musetti. There are many young players with great chances to win a Slam and I am sure it will happen."

Federer is almost ready

Roger Federer is of the opinion that the tennis court is more of a place of work for him than the playground it used to be back in his early days as a professional. "[What the the tennis court means to me] has changed.

It used to be a playground for me but today it's more of a place of work - which sounds kind of wrong, but it's still cool because it means that I was able to turn my hobby into a job," Federer said. "Every now and then, just for fun, I say to my family when a training session or a game is due: 'Bye guys, I'm going to the office now!

The kids run in all directions [when we get to a playground]. It's about not losing sight of them all and not getting too distracted. Because of course there will be one or two visitors," Federer said. "Above all abroad, I'm no longer asked, it's clear to others from the start that I have to pose with them. Then mommy is quickly called on Facetime: 'Look who I'm with! It's Roger.' "