Roger Federer: 'For a week in Shanghai or Indian Wells the effort is...'

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Roger Federer: 'For a week in Shanghai or Indian Wells the effort is...'

20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer said he absolutely required surgery after Wimbledon as he hopes to compete in the Laver Cup at the end of September. Following the straight-sets loss to Hubert Hurkacz in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, Federer decided to undergo knee surgery.

Federer has made a lot of progress in recent months and his goal is the Laver Cup, which will be held between September 23-25. "I knew [my knee operation and recovery] would be a long process, but the operation was necessary, I couldn't have played like this after Wimbledon.

Now I hope I can come back to the Laver Cup in September," Federer said in an interview with Coopzeitung, according to Sportskeeda. "When I recover, I will go skiing, of course. Maybe he will play golf again, something that was not possible in recent years.

Not now with my knee, and as is well known, I used to suffer from back problems," said Federer. "I once went to a golf match with my mother for her 60th birthday and I really wanted to play. After that, I suffered from back pain for a week.

So I let it go. If I start playing golf, I will not do it alone, but together with Mirka." Federer definitely plans to return to tennis at the end of this year, but how long he will play remains a mystery. However, one thing is clear: Federer will definitely not have a busy schedule once he returns.

"[Whether my family will travel with me to tennis tournaments again] is a problem that I would very much like to have.

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During the interview, Roger Federer also touched on how he plans to curate his tennis schedule once he is back in action.

"[Whether my family will travel with me again for tennis tournaments] is a problem that I would really like to have. Because that would mean that everything is going well with the knee and the comeback," Federer said.

"The advantage is that I won't play 20 tournaments a year like I used to. My program will be manageable, and that's why I'll say: sometimes they'll be there, sometimes they won't. For a week in Shanghai or Indian Wells the effort is certainly too great.

But I also know that my children would be happy to see certain places again, because that's where we meet our friends every year," Federer said.