Roger Federer reveals precious opportunity for U16 teens to join him on-court

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Roger Federer reveals precious opportunity for U16 teens to join him on-court

Roger Federer announced the start of the search for the ballkids who will be helping Laver Cup 2022 unfold in London. Federer made the announcement in a video posted on Laver Cup’s official Instagram page. “Hi everyone!

We are running a ballkid trial for the Laver Cup in July. Want to give it a shot? I was a ballkid myself and I loved every minute of it. I hope I’ll see you there. I see you in September in London. Take care!” Federer says in the video.

“The search is on for Laver Cup London 2022 ballkids, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Try out for a chance to be on the court with Roger Federer in September,” says the video description. If you want to participate or know a kid that would love to, the selection trials will be held in July at two locations in London.

You have the choice of registering for either one of the following trial locations:

  • Saturday July 16, 2022 | 4pm – 7pm
    • Westway Sports and Fitness Centre, 1 Crowthorne Rd, London, W10 6RP
  • Sunday July 17, 2022 | 1:45 – 4:45pm
    • Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Leadmill Lane, London, E20 3AD
“Each trial will be split into two sessions (approximatively 80 minutes each) and successful applicants will be emailed their specific trial time slot once registrations have closed but no later than Wednesday, July 6,” according to the Laver Cup official website.

Eligibility criteria: anyone 12-16 years of age as of September 23, 2022 may register for the selection trials. Requirements: “you don’t need to be a high-level tennis player, but should have an interest in tennis and have a basic understanding of the tennis scoring system,” says the LC official website.

For more information about the selection process, visit the Laver Cup's official website. Laver Cup 2022 will be held at The O2 in London from September 23-25, 2022.

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