'I actually do expect to see Roger Federer out there unless...', says analyst

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'I actually do expect to see Roger Federer out there unless...', says analyst

In a video posted on Instagram, Patrick Mouratoglou analyzed one of Roger Federer's hallmarks of tennis, his backhand slice. Mouratoglou explained: "Roger Federer played the backhand slice in an incredible way. He has always had the ability to put his opponents in awkward positions.

He used to play it low and short, depriving the other players of any options. They had to get on the court and go to the net." During a long interview with the Swiss weekly Coopzeitung, Roger spoke about his future: "He knew that the knee operation and subsequent recovery would take a long time, but he had no other choice.

After Wimbledon, I realized that I couldn't go on like this. I hope to return to the Laver Cup in September. What if my family traveled the world with me? I would like to have this problem, really. It would mean that everything is going to be better." Roger Federer misses the fans and other players very much.

Recently, Stefanos Tsitsipas admitted that he misses the Swiss in the different tournaments on the circuit. The last two seasons have been a real ordeal for the Swiss phenomenon, forced to deal with a serious injury to his right knee.

Suffice it to say that the 20-time Grand Slam champion only played 13 official matches last year, with a balance of nine wins and four losses.

Flink reflects on Roger Federer

Renowned American journalist Steve Flink appeared on an episode of the Court-Side with Beilinson Tennis podcast and spoke about Roger Federer's impending return to action.

"It’s so commendable in one sense because he’s about to turn 41 in the summer, so the major part of his comeback would be launched as he approaches 42. It’s asking a lot himself, but I think he remembers last year when he had such bad preparation and he played the French and he had to pull out after winning a few matches, to protect himself, to protect the knee, played a grass court event and Felix destroyed him, yet he still got to the quarters at Wimbledon," Flink said.

"I'm not betting either way, I suspect he is going to give it a go next year and if by Wimbledon next year, things are not turning and he lost early there or he felt he wasn’t up to it anymore, it’s no shame, but I actually do expect to see him out there unless there’s some kind of serious setback when he plays laver Cup in Basel but if things go reasonably well physically there then I see him performing again next year," Flink concluded.