Premiere: Roger Federer brings RF logo on UNIQLO t-shirts

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Premiere: Roger Federer brings RF logo on UNIQLO t-shirts

Roger Federer announced in a social media video that his trademark RF logo will appear for the first time in history on a UNIQLO t-shirt. Federer’s fans will be able to buy one such t-shirt starting from 27th of June 2022.

Here is Roger Federer’s video announcement of the new t-shirt:

Furthermore, Roger commented: "The RF logo has always been important to me as a way to bring a sense of connection and community to my fans.

In developing a product to follow the RF cap, we decided on a t-shirt for fans to wear in ways to suit their own lifestyle. I am so happy to be able to launch this RF graphic t-shirt with UNIQLO and hope that people around the world will enjoy wearing it."

RF Graphic T-shirts are the second round of products featuring the RF logo, following the RF cap launched in December 2020.

About the UNIQLO-Roger Federer partnership

In 2018, Federer signed a 10-year deal reportedly worth $300 million dollars with UNIQLO.

Federer commented in the past on the reason why he chose UNIQLO. “I think that the fabric is really important for me when I play because it needs to absorb the sweat very quickly. Especially in a long grueling match, I need to rely on my clothes, on my equipment and the material.

I think the Dry-EX does exactly that: smooth, it feels good, so it's comfortable,” said Federer. He then continued: “There’s certain colors I don’t like to wear. You don’t see me in yellow. There’s certain materials that don’t work well with the sweat, or they stick on your body.

When you start thinking about your outfit at all times during a match, because you’re struggling with that stuff, it’s never fun”. Now, the new t-shirts are more on the casual clothing side. You can find them in two colors.

“These T-shirts are made from high-quality materials with a simple, refined design and are available in white and black,” according to UNIQLO.