'Its a major contributor to Roger Federer's success', says top coach

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'Its a major contributor to Roger Federer's success', says top coach

Roger Federer has announced in a video on social media that his signature RF logo will appear for the first time ever on a UNIQLO T-shirt. Federer fans will be able to buy one of these shirts from June 27, 2022. In addition, Roger commented: "The RF logo has always been important to me as a way of bringing a sense of connection and community to my fans.

In developing a product to follow the RF cap, we decided on a t-shirt for for fans to wear it in a way that suits their own lifestyle. I am very happy to be able to launch this RF graphic t-shirt with UNIQLO and I hope people all over the world will enjoy wearing it."

RF graphic t-shirts are the second round of RF logo products, following the RF cap launched in December 2020. In 2018, Federer signed a 10-year deal, reportedly worth $300 million, with UNIQLO. Federer has commented in the past on the reason why he chose UNIQLO.

"I think the fabric is really important for me when I play because it needs to absorb sweat very quickly. Especially in a long and tiring match, I need to trust my clothes, my equipment and the material. I think the Dry-EX does exactly that: it's soft, it feels good and it's comfortable," Federer said.

He continued: "There are certain colors I don't like to wear. You don't see me in yellow. There are certain materials that do not work well with sweat, or that stick to the body. When you start thinking about your clothes at all times during a match, because you're struggling with those things, it's never fun."

Now the new jerseys are more on the casual wear side.

Mouratoglou praises Roger Federer

Roger Federer's staggering success on grass courts has now been delved into by renowned coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who explains exactly why the Swiss maestro was so good on the surface.

"It is no secret that Roger Federer is the best performer on grass courts with his 20 titles, including a record of 8 Wimbledon titles. With Wimbledon coming up round the corner, even though we won't see Roger competing this year, lets talk about why the grass is his most winning surface," Mouratoglou stated.

"First, his footwork. Its a major contributor to his success. Federer is known to effortlessly float on the grass. He attacks the ball forward and follows his shots into the court," Mouratoglou said. The 52-year-old coach also revealed how the Swiss legend manages to align his centre of gravity to be perfectly balanced all the time.

"His centre of gravity, contrary to other players, is always perfectly aligned between his hips, allowing him to be perfectly balanced all the time," Mouratoglou explained.