“Coffee-nerd” Roger Federer brings wife Mirka to LEO Awards gala

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“Coffee-nerd” Roger Federer brings wife Mirka to LEO Awards gala

Roger Federer popped up alongside his wife Mirka to the Leo Awards Gala Night a week ago. The Swiss Maestro was present as a brand ambassador for the coffee machine brand JURA. The coffee machine brand thanked Roger Federer after posting a picture with him and Mirka on Instagram along with a written note.

“JURA Global sales conference 2022 was a fantastic event! 3 days of meeting JURA family, innovations, great speakers, lots of Espresso, ONO and last but not least Roger Federer at the LEO Awards Gala Night! A big shout out to Emanuel Probst and his team from JURA headoffice for a perfect conference!” said the team behind JURA.

Jura, a coffee company, has been Roger Federer's partner for over a decade.

Emmanuel Probst, the company's CEO, lauded the Swiss player's remarkable character, comparing it only to Jura. “Back in 2006, it was not the same Roger and it was not the same Jura”, Probst told CNN, recalling how their co-operation started.

“We are more Swiss, but he has become a global ambassador and we have become a global brand. Humbleness, modesty, that's the values we share”. Federer helps Jura to have credibility around the world. “When you are building a project or selling a project, there are two things: orientation, what does the brand stand for? And secondly, can I trust this brand? That's why Federer has enormous value for our brand.

The value of Roger has a lot to do with his personality. He is a role model, and he will still be a role model”, the CEO said when asked if Federer will be Jura Ambassador also after ending tennis career.

Roger Federer and his love for coffee

In the past, Federer revealed that he likes to enjoy 3 to 4 coffees a day.

“One always when I wake up in the morning and on match days I always have one after lunch, about an hour before my match. I enjoy cappuccino in the morning and an espresso after a meal, (and) sometimes ristretto just to mix it up,” said Federer.

The Swiss Maestro also described the coffee he drinks, respectively the one made with Jura machines, as the secret behind his 2018 Australian Open title win.