Mats Wilander predicts Roger Federer may follow Serena Williams' approach

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Mats Wilander predicts Roger Federer may follow Serena Williams' approach

Mats Wilander says he is "pretty convinced" Roger Federer will play at least one more Wimbledon before he retires. Federer, 40, hasn't played since losing his 2021 Wimbledon quarterfinal match to Hubert Hurkacz.

Last August, Federer underwent a knee surgery and he didn't manage to recover in time for this year's Wimbledon. This past Sunday, Federer took part in a special celebration that took place regarding the Wimbledon Centre Court 100th anniversary.

During his speech, Federer expressed hope to return to Wimbledon at least one more time as a player. “I don't think Federer is going to come back unless he feels that he has a level where he can compete with most guys on tour.

Does he have it inside of him in his confidence to go out on the centre court at Wimbledon and play Novak Djokovic next year in the quarters and feel like he has a chance? That's again, something that I don't think he knows," Wilander said on Eurosport.

Wilander: Federer may follow Serena Williams' approach

Williams, 40, played her first singles tournament in 12 months at Wimbledon. Wilander thinks Federer could use that as a motivation for his own Wimbledon return.

After arriving to Wimbledon, Williams said she never retired and she was there for her own enjoyment. “I'm pretty convinced that we will see him. If there's any chance physically, I'm very, very hopeful that we will see him play another Wimbledon and maybe even more than that.

Now that we've seen Serena come out and actually say that ‘I never thought of retirement, I’m just enjoying playing’. I'm here to win another Slam or I’m not. I'm just here to win the match that I'm involved in and enjoy the process," Wilander added.

I enjoy practising and I'm healthy. It's sort of the same attitude as when you're 18 years old. Serena now has when she's 40 years old that I'm sure Federer is going to come back with the same thing”.