Former ATP star calls Roger Federer a 'great human'

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Former ATP star calls Roger Federer a 'great human'

Roger Federer has it all in life. Within the "white sport" he has already had one of the best careers in history, while outside of it he has a spectacular family. The Swiss player is still happy, despite having been out of action for more than a year due to an injury that could advance his retirement plans.

“Tennis is part of my life, but not my whole identity. I want to be and remain successful, put all my energy into business, although sometimes I give much more than I should, but this can also be done outside of sport.

I know that a professional career cannot last forever and that is fine, I accept it”, valued the former number one in the world. The winner of 20 Grand Slams knows that at this point in his career his priority is still to have chances of winning the big events on the circuit.

He has always handled himself in that line. “I love to win, but if you're not competitive anymore, then it's better to stop. I don't think I need tennis, I'm happy with the little things, like when my son does something well or when my daughter gets a good grade at school,” he added.

Right now Federer plans to try again and return next month in the tournament that takes place in Basel, his hometown, the conditions and the level that he will show will remain unknown. If he is still active it is because he most likely still has some gas in the tank.

How long do you think Roger Federer's career will be left?

Andy Roddick praises King Roger

Andy Roddick revealed his "jealousy" of Roger Federer when speaking on the Kasich and Klepper Podcast. "It’s his ease of operation, right?" Roddick said.

"If the way that he’s able to go about his business, I would, you know, play a practice match, be out there for two hours. I’d play it just like I was gonna play three days later in the first run of a slam and I’d walk by Roger’s court and he’s laughing and joking.

And he is relaxed. That was where my jealousy came in: the way that he was able to kind of tend to his responsibilities away from the court, kind of always be in a good mood, which was incredibly annoying for the rest of us moody people," he added.

"He has this ease of operation which is creates envy but he's a great human," Roddick said. "They say don't meet your heroes i say if your hero’s Fed you should look for that introduction."