'Roger Federer’s laughing and joking', says former ATP ace

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'Roger Federer’s laughing and joking', says former ATP ace

Roger Federer always seeks to take the positive side out of the obstacles that are found both in tennis and in life. The Swiss tennis player, who is currently without an ATP ranking, spoke about how hard it has been this last year where he has had to leave the professional circuit due to injury.

“He gave me the opportunity to selectively order my trips and give something back to people. Many friends always came to see me, now I am the one who has been able to go and visit them. The tennis trip is sometimes excessive, especially if you have to organize it with children.

It's nice to rest now from all that, also for them, although they miss traveling”, said the winner of 20 Grand Slams. Precisely one of his last trips was made to London, where he was present as a spectator at the last edition of Wimbledon.

It is no secret to anyone that the Central Court of the All England Club is where the best memories bring back to the top winner of that tournament, which he won eight times. “It is a very strange feeling not to play Wimbledon this year, to see it on television, in the end, I am a person who has been here since 1998.

But I was traveling all this time and that was also nice, I was able to experience a little more peace and spend more consecutive days in the same place”, valued the former number one in the world. Federer is expected to return to action next month at the ATP Basel, where he would end a more than a year-long absence from the men's tour.

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King Roger will return in September

Andy Roddick revealed his "jealousy" of Roger Federer when speaking on the Kasich and Klepper Podcast. "It’s his ease of operation, right?" Roddick said.

"If the way that he’s able to go about his business, I would, you know, play a practice match, be out there for two hours. I’d play it just like I was gonna play three days later in the first run of a slam and I’d walk by Roger’s court and he’s laughing and joking.

And he is relaxed. That was where my jealousy came in: the way that he was able to kind of tend to his responsibilities away from the court, kind of always be in a good mood, which was incredibly annoying for the rest of us moody people," he added.