James Duckworth reveals absolutely funny nickname Roger Federer has for him


James Duckworth reveals absolutely funny nickname Roger Federer has for him

James Duckworth reveals Roger Federer was so amazed by Australian fans quacking during their Australian Open match and since then he has been calling the Australian tennis player "Quack." In the 2014 Australian Open first round, Federer saw off Duckworth 6-4 6-4 6-2.

Throughout the entire match, the Australian crowd was quacking as that was their way of showing support to Duckworth. "We were playing at the Australian Open one year and it often happens as well, the quacking in the crowd and he thought that it was pretty funny.

So that's what he calls me. He calls me 'Quack'," Duckworth said in a conversation with Blair Hanley, per Sportskeeda.

Hanley's reaction to Federer calling Duckworth 'Quack'

"That is amazing. That's the Roger Federer story we did not know we were going to get today," Henley said.

Duckworth and Federer have played twice as the Swiss also beat the Australian when they met in Brisbane in 2015.

However, theoretically there is still a chance Duckworth gets another shot at Federer. Federer, who turns 42 next month, is set to return in September but he has indicated in a recent interview that he is ready to say goodbye to tennis.

“I am a winner lover, but if you're not competitive any more, then it's better to stop. I don't think I need the tennis. I am happy with the little things, like when my son does something right and when my daughter comes home with a good grade," Federer told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

“Tennis is part of, but not my entire identity. I want to be and remain successful, and put a lot of energy into business - probably give more than I should sometimes, but that can also be done outside of sports. I know a professional career can't last forever and that's okay."

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