'I personally hope that Roger Federer can...', says former American ace

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'I personally hope that Roger Federer can...', says former American ace

Carlos Alcaraz is definitely not going through the best moment of the 2022 season and of his entire early career. For the first time since he became a stable professional tennis player on the major circuit, the Spaniard has lost two consecutive finals in even close tournaments on clay, the surface to which he is probably most akin and on which he has already achieved incredible results.

the 19 years. The Iberian reflects on the mistakes he made in the final acts of the Hamburg and Umag competitions, lost to Lorenzo Musetti and Jannik Sinner respectively. It is a situation that has never occurred before, and at the moment, the real obstacles for the young player seem to be the Italians: of the total of 7, the top 5 have suffered 4 defeats because of the Italians.

The athlete led by coach Juan Carlos Ferrero, after this break on the track since he has been busy on clay for two weeks, will prepare to fly to the United States of America. Very soon the Montreal and Cincinnati Masters 1000 await him and then the Us Open, all of them events in which he will want to be among the protagonists.

Alcaraz has recently achieved a truly amazing milestone, which has allowed him to make history once again. The Spaniard is the first tennis player on the entire circuit, even going back in time, who has managed to win 75 of the first 100 official matches on the great circuit.

Nobody like him and this album underlines how the Iberian is one of the most talented youngsters, with the future but also the present (almost) all his. Closing in on the 19-year-old's record were Andy Roddick with 73 and John McEnroe on the podium with 72 hits.

Michael Chang, Mats Wilander and Andre Agassi all stopped at 70. The first of the big three is Rafael Nadal, with 67 wins; Novak Djokovic follows with 65, while Andy Murray reaches 63. Far is Roger Federer, with "only" 51 wins.

Andy Roddick talks about Federer

Former World No. 1 Andy Roddick is the latest to comment on Roger Federer's return. "He's aware of what he was coming back from after these previous knee surgeries," Roddick said.

"He wasn't moving that well, he was a shadow of what we know as Roger." Roddick further expressed how "horrible" it was to watch one of the sport's best players struggle physically. "We need patience," Roddick said.

"It's horrible to see the icons of the game to go out because their bodies give out. I personally hope that he can come back and leave on his own terms. I don't care if he's as good as he once was, that's unimportant to me at this point," the American added. "What's important is that he gets the goodbye that he wants."