Billie Jean King on Roger Federer’s Zizou promise: “Dreams do come true!”

Tennis – Roger Federer’s fulfilled promise impressed BJK.

by Claudiu Pop
Billie Jean King on Roger Federer’s Zizou promise: “Dreams do come true!”

After Roger Federer fulfilled the promise he made 5 years ago to Zizou, a young kid from John McEnroe’s tennis academy, Billie Jean King, impressed by the deed, reacted on Twitter. “Dreams do come true. Congratulations to Zizou from The John McEnroe Tennis Academy!

Keep going for it!” wrote Billie Jean King.

““When the GOAT makes a promise, he keeps it!

That’s what makes him such an idol! We spent half a day with him, but his humility, grace, smiling personality, ability to make everyone around him instantly comfortable, magnifies his persona and shows me that you cannot be a great sportsman unless you are a great person first.

Thank you Mr. Federer, for the best day of my life, for these memories and I am forever grateful that you kept your pinky promise!” HAPPY BIRTHDAY G.O.A.T!” Izyan wrote on Instagram sharing the video.

Federer’s fulfilled promise

Thanks to the assistance of his sponsor Barilla, Roger Federer was able to meet Izyan Ahmad, popularly known as Zizou, a teenage tennis player who challenged Federer to a match half a decade ago.

Federer made the decision to go to Zurich and meet the young fan because he had no planned competitions. The whole meeting was recorded and published on Barilla’s YouTube channel. “A surprising story about a fan, one question, and one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

It’s been 5 years since Izyan Ahmad, known to most as Zizou, challenged Federer to a match during the U.S. Open press conference. Together with Barilla, Roger Federer decides to surprise his fan by flying him to Zurich and fulfilling his promise.

It’s time for Zizou to play against Federer, who has 20 Grand Slam titles to his name,” reads the caption of Barilla’s promotional but emotional video.

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