Roger Federer “knocked on doors” to become the Michael Jordan of On Running

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Roger Federer “knocked on doors” to become the Michael Jordan of On Running

In a recent Inc article, On Running co-founder Oliver Bernhard revealed how Roger Federer became a partner at his running shoe company. According to Inc, who interviewed Bernhard, “just starting your own business and having it be successful is a win, but On Running was in motion and things were about to get even bigger.

After some time, the guys were approached by tennis legend and fellow Swiss athlete Roger Federer. Federer wasn't just a fan. He was interested in getting very involved. Was this a Michael Jordan Jumpman moment for On? Maybe.

Federer is arguably the G.O.A.T., and collectively the Swiss countrymen had a lot in common in terms of vision and competitive DNA”. Oliver Bernhard explained how Roger Federer, a known promotor of On Running shoes, became a partner, despite the interest of big brands like Nike and Adidas.

"He kind of knocked on our doors by posting Instagram pictures about going into tournaments wearing our shoes, and what we often do with celebrities like him or actors, we send a care package," Bernhard said. "He came back and said, 'Hey, can we go out for dinner in Zurich?' and of course we didn't say no!

And that's how we met and talked, and it was nice, but only a week later he said, 'Hey, could I actually be a partner?'" On Running describes Federer as joining On “not because of any sponsorship, but because of entrepreneurship.

He’s here to help us shape the future of sports”.

Federer about On Running

In the past, Roger Federer spoken well of the running shoe company. "Together we can do great things. I feel I can make a great contribution which with other great giants would not have been possible.

We don't have to fly. However, you have to stay focused. On Running is a Swiss company and you know that if we do Swiss, we do it well, it's in our DNA. "