Paolo Bertolucci still compares Jannik Sinner to Roger Federer

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Paolo Bertolucci still compares Jannik Sinner to Roger Federer

Paolo Bertolucci has published a screenshot showing again the results that have been achieved by other tennis players at the same age as Jannik Sinner. "Read carefully," wrote the former Italian tennis player. The first comparison is with Roger Federer.

The best ranking of the Swiss was number 8 in the world: Sinner is behind him by only one position. In terms of the number of finals played and won, however, the difference is clear: the former number one had won three out of six played, while the blue has a positive balance with six to one.

The other comparisons also see Jannik Sinner as the favorite. Tsitsipas had pushed himself up to the seventh position in the ranking, but he too had a negative balance regarding the finals won. The Russians clearly behind in the ranking and in the victories won, with Medvedev even at zero.

The only one who was earlier than Jannik Sinner was Alexander Zverev: best ranking number 3 in the world and six finals won, out of 10 total disputed.

Jannik Sinner is once again at the center of the debate after the defeat in Cincinnati.

The Italian number one did not go beyond the round of 16 of the tournament, losing to Felix Auger-Aliassime in three sets. The South Tyrolean had managed to establish himself in the first two sets, managing to win two match points before a possible tiebreak.

The non-conversion of those, however, has turned the tide of the following moments: it was the Canadian who first won the tiebreak of the second set, then the decisive third set and finally the match. For that moment, which slipped from Sinner's hands, several criticisms came.

"I believed it. Probably I was wrong. He will remain a very good player. Beyond it is not good. 21 years is enough," wrote Claudio Guerrini, radio and television host on Twitter. A post that has resulted in several criticisms, especially the personal reference.

For this reason, the results of other great champions were analyzed, comparing what they had done at the same age as the Italian tennis player.