Roger Federer posts retirement-like words, fans “almost had a heart attack”

Tennis – Hear what are Roger Federer’s words of deep reflection.

by Claudiu Pop
Roger Federer posts retirement-like words, fans “almost had a heart attack”

Roger Federer panicked his fans with his newest social media post, which looked like a retirement announcement at the first glance. The video, however, was not a retirement announcement but a promotional video for his new On Running lifestyle shoe line.

“When I first started as a ball kid, I learned that genius is not replicable. Inspiration though, is contagious. Tennis is a game of inches but it took me miles away. It’s a way of being on and off the court. I learned that you can never be bigger than the game.

But you can always make the game as big as your dreams,” Roger Federer says in the video.

Yet, the video still triggered outstanding reactions from the Swiss Maestro’s fans.

“Almost had a heart attack. Thought this was a retirement post,” one fan commented on Federer’s Instagram. “We better buy those to avoid he retires! I almost had a heart attack,” said another fan.

When will Federer retire, according to him

Federer talked multiple times in the past about his moment of retirement. "For me, a perfect retirement does not exist! Of course, I wish to choose the moment of my retirement, and I'm convinced I will know when the time is right.

I'm not afraid of life after tennis; it will be quite a transition towards a more relaxed life. Mirka and I have always found a perfect balance between tennis, family and friends. That is what gives me the most pride of my entire career because those are the most important things in life," Roger Federer said in 2021.

“I do not think the retirement needs to be that perfect, that you have to win something huge… and you go, 'OK. I did it all.' It can be completed differently, as long as you enjoy it, and that's what matters to you.

I do not think people remember the last matches of John McEnroe and Stefan Edberg; nobody knows that. They remember that they won Wimbledon and other big tournaments and conquered the ATP throne," Roger Federer said.

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