'Roger Federer could do some damage', says ATP legend

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'Roger Federer could do some damage', says ATP legend
'Roger Federer could do some damage', says ATP legend

It's the return that so many fans, enthusiasts and connoisseurs have been waiting for. He has already started the countdown to see Roger Federer back on court. After a long injury and rehabilitation to get back in good physical condition, he is ready to surprise everyone again at 41 years old.

In less than a month, the Swiss will participate in the 2022 edition of the Laver Cup alongside the Team Europe captained by Bjorn Borg, which also has the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray on the team.

In a recent interview former tennis player Barbara Schett expressed her opinion: "Everyone is looking forward to seeing him play again. The current perplexity is whether he will also play singles in the Laver Cup or just doubles.

He is no longer so young and has been away for a long time. His last match was more than a year ago, you can train as much as you want but nothing compares to a professional match at the highest level, which subjects your body to a very high adrenaline rush.

I always worry that one day I'll say 'enough', I'd like him to play Wimbledon and retire, but it's a personal decision," she said. The Austrian Eurosport commentator also made some comments about the upcoming US Open, in particular Novak Djokovic's exclusion: "I think he should have played.

We are at a time when everyone is relaxed. Even in Australia you can already enter without being vaccinated. I would have liked to see him, it's very sad", she said.

King Roger is a true legend

John McEnroe reckons it's almost impossible to imagine Roger Federer losing early on despite his advanced age, a result of his unparalleled reputation and greatness.

"Roger is obviously entitled to do whatever he wants. And if he feels up to it, he could do some damage," McEnroe said. "It’s hard to envision that at 41 that Federer could win a Major, but then again I said that six years ago when he came back after having not played for six months and having surgery at Wimbledon after the year I was with Milos and got to the finals.

You expect Roger to be Roger, to some degree. That’s because they’re so great that you always — it’s like when we saw Serena, you’re like, whoa, she lost first round at Wimbledon?" McEnroe said.

"You feel like it’s almost impossible no matter how long they haven’t played. Roger Federer is in that similar situation. He hasn’t played a match in, it will be 15 months."

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