Taylor Fritz: "Novak Djokovic is the GOAT"

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Taylor Fritz: "Novak Djokovic is the GOAT"

World number 12 Taylor Fritz paid tribute to Novak Djokovic during his speech on the eve of the US Open 2022. He told: "I think in the end he is the best tennis player in the world and he would be the clear favorite to win the US Open, if he had been allowed to play.

Without him, there is a very high and widespread chance for everyone to win. I honestly think this makes it more exciting than ever. I feel really confident. I feel like I've dealt with back and forth injuries, so a big goal in the last couple of weeks has been to train a lot in the gym to rebuild that base, because I think he is expressing a very good level of tennis right now.

What I need to make sure everything is okay is fitness and a feeling of being healthy. I see several Americans in the round of 16, just like there were at Wimbledon, and then I'm pretty confident that at least one of us will make it to the quarter-finals, maybe more.

Americans always seem to play well with the crowd here. The public always encourages them, even if they are tired." Taylor Fritz reflected on a particular aspect: "I think the Americans can compete for the Grand Slam right now.

I think there was a long time where it was basically Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray who played these. titles, a stage where one of those guys would always win. I think times are changing a bit now, there is no one who is overly dominant at the moment, so I feel that anyone out of about 10 players could win the tournament."

Clay Travis on Nole

Clay Travis, through his Twitter profile, praised Djokovic for his consistency: "True to his principles, Novak Djokovic has given up two Grand Slams this year. We are talking about two tournaments in which he would have been the favorite to win the title.

Djokovic would have been the man to beat at both the Australian Open and the US Open and it is likely that he would have won at least one of those two tournaments. Considering that hardcourt is his favorite surface, he could have lifted both trophies and stretched in the rankings.

all-time of the Grand Slams. He has proven to be a courageous and consistent man. There is no compelling reason to keep it out of the US. He could have entered the country through Mexico, but he preferred not to. There is no medical reason that justifies the decision not to let him in. "