"Fitter than Rafael Nadal" Trump has "better backhand than Roger Federer," US analyst


"Fitter than Rafael Nadal" Trump has "better backhand than Roger Federer," US analyst

Pro-Trump political analyst Nick Adams requested the world to stop talking so much about tennis players like Serena Williams and gave a reason why they should do so. “Donald Trump has a more powerful serve than Andy Roddick, a better backhand than Roger Federer, and more swagger than Andre Agassi in his prime.

The tennis world needs to spend less time talking about Serena Williams and more time appreciating the greatness of Donald Trump!”

Andy Roddick reacted to Nick Adams’ tweet saying that “it’s not a parody”. Roddick also mocked Adams in a reply. “You forgot that he’s also fitter than Rafa,” said Roddick.

Rafael Nadal's opinion about Donald Trump

In 2017, Rafael Nadal expressed his opinion on Donald Trump. "It's not my style. I was in the United States when Trump was on the campaign trail," Nadal told Spanish online site El Espanol during a practice session ahead of the 2017 Australian Open.

"It is true that I don't care for his manner of speaking -- his way of expressing himself is not a style I appreciate," added Nadal, while admitting he was no expert on the US political scene. "Also, I'll be honest -- the other option didn't do much for me either," added the Spaniard in allusion to defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump thinks Nadal is a treasure

In his 2017 meeting at the White House with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Trump not only spoke about politics but also about Spanish sportspersons' successes, especially that of Sergio Garcia and Rafael Nadal.

"He is the big treasure of Spain," Trump said about Nadal. "Do you know who is my favourite sportsman? Rafael Nadal. I like Rafa. He is a guy who always, always wants to win. He is a winner," added Trump, who before becoming the American President often attended US Open matches

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