Ons Jabeur: Everybody was rooting for Roger Federer, I was like, Come on Andy Roddick

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Ons Jabeur: Everybody was rooting for Roger Federer, I was like, Come on Andy Roddick

Ons Jabeur thinks her personality matches Andy Roddick's and growing up she wanted to be "that fun player" that Roddick was. This week, 27-year-old Jabeur, 27 got a chance to meet 2003 US Open champion Roddick at Flushing Meadows.

Jabeur was thrilled about the experience and took a moment to recall how badly she was rooting for Roddick to beat Roger Federer in the 2009 Wimbledon final. Federer and Roddick played one of the most memorable and historic Wimbledon finals, which the Swiss won with a 16-14 score in the fifth set.

"He's handsome, also. I had to say that. Don't tell my husband," Jabeur said with a smile. "I think, yeah, the personality is similar to mine. I always wanted to be that fun player that he is. I suck at imitating people, but he does it really well.

Also what's impressive is his serve. Always wanted to serve like that. Just, you know, just his charisma on the court is really amazing. I don't know. I remember the final at Wimbledon against Federer. Everybody was cheering for Federer, but I was, like, Andy, come on, come on."

Roddick is also a fan of Jabeur's game

Jabeur grew up watching Roddick and hoping to one day be a successful tennis player. Now Roddick, who has been in retirement since the 2012 US Open, loves watching Jabeur when she plays.

“Her game draws you in, the emotion with which she plays; I think the variety with which she plays. As a fan of hers, I think it’s simultaneously stressful and amazing that I don’t know what’s coming next,” Roddick told Eurosport.

“But I think the thing that makes me a fan is you hear behind the scenes what other people say about her. And if you hear it enough times, you probably know that it’s true. So I think that makes you a fan also”.

On Thursday, Jabeur defeated Caroline Garcia 6-1 6-3 to progress into the US Open final. Jabeur will be fighting first-seeded Iga Swiatek for her first Grand Slam title.