Emma Raducanu respects promise of making Cluj what Basel is for Federer

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Emma Raducanu respects promise of making Cluj what Basel is for Federer

After Emma Raducanu said in 2021 that she wants to participate at every edition of the Transylvania Open, she fulfilled the promise by registering for the draw of this year’s edition. “Hey! I had a really fun time last year in Cluj.

The people were amazing. Made me feel so welcome. I’m really excited and happy to say that I’m coming back this year. Whenever I can, I love to go back to Romania. It’s where my dad came from and I have so many positive and happy memories from there so I’m really looking forward to coming back.

Ne vedem, see you soon!” said Emma Raducanu.

Raducanu received a wild card from the organizers.

Emma Raducanu to make of Cluj what Basel is for Roger Federer

Similar to Roger Federer, who is known for being almost omnipresent at the ATP tournament taking place since 1970 in Basel, which is also the Swiss master’s hometown, Emma Raducanu, former US Open champion, found a similar place in Cluj-Napoca, the Romanian city known for hosting the Untold Festival and where Transylvania Open is hosted.

Emma managed to win the hearts of Romanians all across the country with her decision to speak in Romanian during one of her post-match interviews at the 2021 edition of Transylvania Open. "Everyone adopted Emma, ​​because she conquered everyone with that speech in Romanian.

Some people thought that Emma does not speak Romanian at all, here she speaks very well, with the necessary accent,” said Patrick Ciorcila, the Transylvania Open’s Tournament Director. Furthermore, the TD shared Raducanu’s wish to come back at every future edition of the Transylvania Open, even though the current 2021 was still unfolding.

“I talked to her and her father, they are very attached to Romania, they really wanted to come here, and they feel very good. Emma Răducanu said that she will come to every edition that we will organize in the future,” said TD Patrick Ciorcila.