'I wish Roger Federer a speedy recovery', says former Top 10


'I wish Roger Federer a speedy recovery', says former Top 10

Important news has arrived, unfortunately in a negative sense, about the physical state of Roger Federer. After the illusion was revived yesterday with the announcement that he would return to the courts for the ATP 500 in Basel ─scheduled for October 22-30─ today new and great doubts have arisen about his return to the circuit, which seems to be going away to delay again.

According to a report by Simon Graf, a journalist for the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger, Federer's presence at the upcoming Laver Cup is at great risk. The friendly tournament, which will be held from September 23 to 25, is the scenario that the Swiss had chosen months ago to jump back on the court, but it seems that his knee continues to give him more problems than expected.

The journalist Simon Graf has revealed that the rumors that come from the circle of people close to Roger Federer are that during the summer he got fluid in his right knee again, which became inflamed again. Therefore, his rehabilitation has suffered yet another setback, and therefore there are still great doubts about his return.

In addition, the Tages Anzeiger pen reported on the training sessions that the Swiss champion has carried out in recent months with former Swiss tennis player Ivo Heuberger, his friend. However, according to Graf, the intensity of the work was not what one would expect from someone whose return to the circuit is very close.

For his part, Roger Federer has repeatedly stated that he wants to be the one to choose when and where he retires, and this will definitely be on a tennis court. "How, where and what, I don't know yet, but I'm sure. My intention is to play in 2023 and I'm excited.

The next three or four months will be very important," Federer said at the opening of a children's playground in Emmen.

Berrettini pays tribute to Federer

Matteo Berrettini expressed his desire to have Roger Federer back on tour and play against him at least once again.

“The reason why I'm here now is Roger. He was my idol when I was growing up. I was cheering for him. So I want him back really badly,” he revealed. “I think (he) was great, is still great for tennis. He brought tennis to even, like, a higher level, just for the stuff he did on court, off court.

Like Serena, I guess, one of a kind, you know?” he added. “I wish him, like, really a speedy recovery, whatever he's doing to come back. Yeah, I wish I could play like one more time against him,” he said.

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