ATP Chairman pays beautiful tribute to Roger Federer: He redefined greatness

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ATP Chairman pays beautiful tribute to Roger Federer: He redefined greatness

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi acknowledged that Roger Federer transcended tennis and expressed his gratitude to the Swiss for everything that he has done for the game since 1998. On Thursday, 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer revealed his plans to end his professional career after this year's Laver Cup.

Federer is considered as the utlimate tennis icon and someone who will always be known as "the tennis." “Roger’s impact on tennis, and the legacy he’s built, are impossible to overstate. Over 24 years as a professional, Roger brought millions of adoring fans into the game.

He spearheaded an incredible new era of growth and elevated the popularity of our sport. Few athletes have transcended their field in such a manner. Roger made us all feel proud and fortunate to be part of the same sport," Gaudenzi said in a statement released.

Gaudenzi: Federer redefined greatness on the court

On the court, Federer was a great champion and someone who made tennis look so easy. Off the court, Federer was a great role model and never got into any type of trouble.

Federer was a perfect role, both with his game and personality. "He redefined greatness on the court, while his champion spirit, sportsmanship, and the way he played the game thrilled audiences around the world for decades, inspiring so many to pick up a racquet.

Beyond the court, he is and will continue to be a true role model and ambassador, always giving so much of himself to the fans. Roger’s steadfast commitment to the ATP Tour throughout his career, as well as his many years of service on the Player Council, helped drive progress for fellow players and the entire sport.

His humanitarian impact has been equally profound through the RF Foundation," Gaudenzi added. Federer noted that retiring from professional tennis doesn't mean that he is done with the game. Federer will play tennis in the future, but with his friends.