The love for Mirka is behind Roger Federer's successes

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The love for Mirka is behind Roger Federer's successes

A stainless couple: Roger Federer and Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec met at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, when Roger was not yet famous, while she is already a tennis player with a good career. Their love and Mirka's presence are hidden behind Roger Federer's successes.

Mirka stabilized the Swiss Maestro's private life, giving him emotional serenity and building a beautiful family, with their four children. Roger himself in the past revealed the importance of Mirka for his life and career: "She had no particular requests, the only thing she wanted was to spend time with me.

Mirka has always been fantastic wife is important to a man and obviously my case is no different. She has been mentioned a lot in my career and she has done a really great job. She has been coming to every training and every match of mine for years.

She has been very important in my life, not just in tennis but in general. She has always lived thinking about my interests and the best for me and she has never been detached."

The love for Mirka is behind Roger Federer's successes

When the two met, Roger still had not won any title: "When I got engaged to Mirka, I had not yet won any title.

She is a strong and intelligent woman, who had a huge impact on me both inside and out off the court. She trusted me and taught me to always do my best. Also, she has been close to me after every defeat. She has never allowed my professional gambling activity to interfere with our daily life.

Mirka has kept our friends and family together, as well as showing me how important it is to follow your own path without paying too much attention to the media or detractors. Our life together is intense and exciting, we like to joke in company.

We have given birth to four children and are doing everything we can to ensure a bright future for them."