Rolex pays very classy, emotional tribute to Roger Federer (WATCH)

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Rolex pays very classy, emotional tribute to Roger Federer (WATCH)
Rolex pays very classy, emotional tribute to Roger Federer (WATCH)

Swiss watchmaker Rolex shared a very touching tribute to Roger Federer and praised the Swiss for everything that he has been throughout his astonishing tennis career. Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, has been the Rolex brand ambassador for over two decades.

Throughout his career, Federer has been considered as one of the most elegant and classiest players in the sports world. On the other side, Rolex is widely considered as one of the classiest brands. “There are certain things that numbers can’t convey.

The beauty he instilled in the discipline, enriching and perfecting his game year after year. His grace and elegance on and off the court, which made him one of the most revered athletes of our time,” the tribute narrated.

“Numbers will never fully encompass the extent of his legend, continually growing, nor the breadth of his legacy, perpetually inspiring. For his is a greatness that can never be measured. Our heartfelt gratitude to Roger Federer for his impact on the world of sports and for making tennis perpetual”.

Federer thanked Rolex

In his retirement message, Federer made sure to thank everyone who has helped him be the player and person he is today. "To my tennis family and beyond, of all the gifts that tennis has given me over the years, the greatest, without a doubt, has been the people I've met along the way: my friends, my competitors, and most of all the fans who give the sport its life," Federer said in his retirement message.

Federer, who has been one of the most marketable players throughout his career, specifically thanked his sponsors. "I want to thank my loyal sponsors, who are really like partners to me,” Federer added. Federer's career is set to come to an end after next week's Laver Cup. The Laver Cup will be taking place in London next weekend.

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