Patrick Mouratoglou details what made Roger Federer absolutely special

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Patrick Mouratoglou details what made Roger Federer absolutely special

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou thinks Roger Federer plays the game on the most beautiful way and he feels there will never be another Roger in the technical aspect of the game. When other players speak about Federer, they often say he made tennis "look easy." Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, is considered as the player whose game has been the most aesthetically pleasing to watch.

“I think Roger is the best ambassador for the game, because he plays tennis the way everybody would love to play tennis,” Mouratoglou said on Tennis Major's "Eye of the Coach". “Nobody has ever played tennis like Roger, and nobody will ever play tennis like Roger – it’s impossible because it is just too perfect to be matched.

He is the absolute perfection in everything he is doing – the way he moves, the way he hits the ball, because he was giving the feeling all the time that he was hitting the ball with absolutely zero effort. Everything is fluid, easy”.

Mouratoglou on Federer's biggest quality

When asked about Federer's best qualities, Mouratoglou said it was the Swiss' fighting spirit and his hard-working nature. “I always said his biggest quality is that he’s a fighter, but it doesn’t look like it because it looks easy,” Mouratoglou explained.

“And the second [quality] is the work because he is an incredibly hard worker”. Also, Mouratoglou compared Federer to an artist as his game looked breathtaking on numerous occasions. “Having this gift and this fluidity, he made it become more than a talent, he made it an art,” Mouratoglou said.

“When Roger came to the game, he could do anything, but he didn’t have a real identity”. Federer is planning to retire after next week's Laver Cup in London. London has been a great place for Federer as he is a record eight-time Wimbledon champion.