Bill Gates reacts to 'friend' Roger Federer retiring from tennis

Gates has always been an admirer of Federer's game.

by Dzevad Mesic
Bill Gates reacts to 'friend' Roger Federer retiring from tennis

Bill Gates described Roger Federer as "an inspiration" and wished him all the best in the next chapter of his life. On Thursday, Federer announced his plans to retire from professional tennis. Gates, who is known as a Federer admired, paid a tribute to the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

"You've been an incredible friend to me and an inspiration to an entire generation of tennis players. I'm lucky to have seen you work your magic on the court many times. And I'm excited to watch your philanthropic work grow in this next phase of your life," Gates tweeted.

Gates played tennis with Federer in 2020

In 2020, Gates was a part of The Match for Africa. After the charity event was over, Federer described Gates as a person full of knowledge.

Also, Federer admitted to feeling "very small next to Gates." "It's very stimulating to spend time with people as brilliant as Bill Gates. I feel very small next to Gates, but I can learn a lot. Such encounters take me further.

But you have to listen carefully, be very attentive, understand quickly," Federer said after The Match for Africa in 2020. Federer, who turned professional in 1998, is set to retire from tennis after competing at next week's Laver Cup.

Federer was initially targeting to play the Laver Cup and the ATP 500 event in Basel next month. But his body wasn't making good enough of a progress after the knee surgery and he felt that retiring was the right thing to do.

Federer has been posting promising updates throughout the season. After Federer revealed his plans to return later this year, tennis fans were hoping they would get to see the Swiss play out a full 2023 season. Unfortunately, that won't be happening as 41-year-old Federer is just days away from being officially retired.

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