Novak Djokovic to Roger Federer: "You were an example of excellence"

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Novak Djokovic to Roger Federer: "You were an example of excellence"

Novak Djokovic took a while compared to the others to pay omage to Roger Federer. Perhaps he needed to rationalize a little better or simply to search and find the right words to express his feelings for the Swiss, who yesterday announced his retirement from the scene with a socail announcement.

The Swiss champion will say goodbye after the Laver Cup to be held in London next week. And in addition to the presentation of Nole he will be able to count on that of Nadal and Murray for one last great dance with the Fab 4.

Djokovic represented a huge bug in Federer's career. As well as probably the character who more than all the others broke the biggest dream, that of winning the Championships in 2019. It is no mystery that from the Wimbledon final dated 2019 things have slowly crumbled for the Swiss, who had tasted the ATP Tour in fits and starts, without continuity and always with some injuries in between.

Djokovic-Federer was one of the longest-running rivalries in the history of this Game with the Serbian who ended up with 27 wins in the fifty officially played matches.

Novak Djokovic to Roger Federer: "You were an example of excellence"

Djokovic wrote, attaching the most suggestive photos of friendship and rivalry to the press release: "Roger, it is difficult to face this day and put into words everything we have shared together in this sport.

More than ten years of incredible memories and battles that come back to mind. Your career has exemplified what it means to achieve excellence and lead with integrity and poise. It was an honor to meet you on and off the pitch, and for all the years to come.

I am sure that the new chapter will hold incredible things for you, for Mirka, for your children, for all those who love you, and for all Roger fans who can still expect a lot. From our family to yours, I wish you joy, health and prosperity in the future. I can't wait to celebrate your successes and see you in London."