Patrick Mouratoglou recalls Roger Federer's emotional 2006 Australian Open victory

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Patrick Mouratoglou recalls Roger Federer's emotional 2006 Australian Open victory

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou reveals for him personally Roger Federer's 2006 Australian Open victory was one of most memorable moments from the Swiss' career. In the 2006 Australian Open final, Federer defeated Marcos Baghdatis 5-7 7-5 6-0 6-2.

After converting his championship point, Federer became very emotional and broke down in tears. "The first thing I remember is the trophy ceremony at the Australian Open 2006 when he completely broke down, he cried.

He was a superhero and he became a human. He's the first one who really did that?" Mouratoglou said in a video uploaded on his Instagram. "The second one is the two epic matches, in Wimbledon, that he lost to one against Novak, with match point, and the one against Rafael Nadal that ended up in the night, these two matches were history."

Mouratoglou: Federer was a fighter

Mouratoglou acknowledged that Federer's game looked smooth and that he made the game look easy.

But Mouratoglou also feels that Federer's fighting spiriting was a bit underestimated part of his game. "When you watch Roger play, the first thing you see, is an incredible talent and fluidity, but we have brought the years since several other guys playing with incredible fluidity and talent.

Those guys have never won a Grand Slam. He won 20. Why? Because he's an incredible fighter, he always thought for every single point in every single match and he's a real fighter," Mouratoglou said. This week, 41-year-old Federer announced his plans to retire from tennis after the Laver Cup.

Federer, who hasn't made any appearances since last year's Wimbledon, was hoping to return at the Laver Cup and play a few more events in the rest of the year. But his knee recovery hasn't really gone as planned and Federer is planning to walk away from professional tennis after the Laver Cup.