Roger Federer's fitness coach reveals when the Swiss knew he would have to retire

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Roger Federer's fitness coach reveals when the Swiss knew he would have to retire

Fitness coach Pierre Paganini revealed that Roger Federer knew around July his chances of returning to the Tour were extremely low. Federer, 41, underwent a third knee surgery last August. Federer was initially hoping to return at the Laver Cup and also play some other events in the rest of the year.

But this Thursday Federer announced his plans to retire after the Laver Cup. "In July it was getting clearer that a return on the tour would become impossible, at that time we were combining the different practice elements," Paganini told Swiss newspaper Blick.

Paganini on Federer's biggest off-court quality

Federer is often described as a very nice and down-to-eart person.

“It’s his spontaneity, he‘s one of a kind! You can put every person of the planet in front of him and Roger will honestly be interested in him and will take care that this person feels at ease," Paganini claimed.

Federer, who hasn't played since last year's Wimbledon, likely won't play as much at the Laver Cup as he did in his previous appearances at the tournament.

Federer wants to say a proper goodbye to tennis, but he does not want to risk compromising his long-term health. "This will probably be a last moment decision, he practiced the way so that he gathered the maximum of information if it’s a good idea or not; I‘m excited," Paganini revealed.

Federer's final tournament will certainly be extremely emotional - for him and his fans.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, who have been Federer's biggest on-court rivals, are also set to compete at the Laver Cup. After Federer announced retirement, he refused to be negative or anything like that. Federer is hoping the Laver Cup goes well and he gets a proper send off. The Laver Cup is scheduled to take place next weekend in London.