'The greatness that Roger Federer achieved on court was...', says analyst

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'The greatness that Roger Federer achieved on court was...', says analyst

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes that Roger Federer plays in the most beautiful way and feels that there will never be another Roger in the technical aspect of the game. When other players talk about Federer, they often say that he made tennis "look easy"

Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, is considered the player whose game has been the most aesthetically pleasing to watch. "I think Roger is the best ambassador for the game, because he plays tennis the way everybody would like to play tennis," Mouratoglou said on Tennis Major's "Eye of the Coach" show.

"Nobody has ever played tennis like Roger, and nobody will ever play tennis like Roger, it's impossible because he's too perfect to be matched. He's absolute perfection in everything he does: the way he moves, the way he he hits the ball, because all the time he seemed to hit the ball effortlessly.

Everything is fluid, easy" When asked about Federer's best qualities, Mouratoglou said he was the Swiss's fighting spirit and hard-working character. "I've always said that his greatest quality is that he's a fighter, but he doesn't look like it because he looks easy," Mouratoglou explained.

"And the second [quality] is the work, because he is an incredible worker" Furthermore, Mouratoglou compared Federer to an artist, as his game seemed impressive on numerous occasions. "By having this gift and this fluidity, he made it more than just a talent, he made it an art," Mouratoglou said.

"When Roger came into the game, he could do anything, but he didn't have a real identity." Federer is due to retire after next week's Laver Cup in London.

King Roger's career will end at the Laver Cup

Nick McCarvel hailed Roger Federer's demeanor off court, saying that he is always thoughtful and a good listener.

"He once told me I had pretty good shoes on, so I'll take that. You know, I was the newspaper reporter, tennis reporter for USA Today for two years, did a few one-on-ones with Roger. Always class, always thoughtful, always a good listener, always someone who looks you in the eye and said 'Hello', and that's what great champions do to set themselves apart," he said.

"I think that the greatness that he achieved on court was unmatched, but the fact that he would just meet you at the human level, he was always interested in other people. And he said in that retirement message that you open with, it's the people that's gonna stick with him the most from his illustrious career and I think for a lot of folks it's gonna be Roger and the way he treated them off the court that will stick with them," he added.