'I never thought I would see Roger Federer...', says ATP star

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'I never thought I would see Roger Federer...', says ATP star

In a truly moving and tearful letter, Roger Federer has begun to say goodbye to tennis. This will become official after the Laver Cup, an event created by him and in which he will be on the starting line to play probably a closing match of his career (will it be in doubles? In singles? Or even in both?).

As the Swiss pointed out in the very long video in which he announced that he would play the London competition as his last tournament, his body in recent weeks has begun to give some not very positive signs for his rehabilitation and for this reason he has decided to definitively lift the White flag.

Among the rivalries that will be remembered, the one he had against Novak Djokovic cannot be missing from the list. The two had a great battle on all surfaces and in the end there was only one winner: it was the Serbian champion who won the most matches, adding them all, paying the price especially in recent years.

An issue that could perhaps be decisive in choosing the GOAT among the big three, since King Roger will also be behind in the precedents with Rafael Nadal. No less than 50 battles have been prepared and fought by the two great players of the new millennium.

Djokovic, born in Belgrade, has managed to win 27 times and is ahead in almost all the statistical sections that compare the meetings of both athletes: when it comes to the Grand Slams, Nole is ahead in Australia with a clear 4- 1, as well as at Wimbledon (3-1).

Murray talks about King Roger

The announcement of Roger Federer's end of career took everyone by surprise. Including those who know him well and will play with him in the Laver Cup. We're talking about Andy Murray, who doesn't hide that he wasn't expecting to receive the news at this moment, even because he was looking forward to a remarkable return of the former number one in the world to the circuit.

“I didn't suspect he was going to put an end to it at this point. We all hoped Federer would make a miraculous comeback next year. When I accepted to play in the Laver Cup I never thought I would see Roger's career end, but it's an incredible opportunity to share moments with the Big Three.

It will be very special. I hope Roger can compete. It's going to be an awesome environment and I'd love to play doubles with him. It would be the perfect ending to a very special story,” he confessed.